Terms and Conditions

All practical info on YogaFest Amsterdam


Do I need to have yoga / meditation experience?
Yoga is for everyone and at YogaFest there are so many different yoga styles, classes and master workshops that all levels will have a great experience, whether you are new to yoga, intermediate or seasoned. YogaFest works with qualified teachers who create a safe practice environment. Nonetheless yoga is a physical practice and students need to respect their own limits and teachers of YogaFest nor the organisation are not accountable for injuries.


What do I need to bring to YogaFest?
Yoga mats are provided but if you feel more comfortable you can bring your own mat. And put it on top of the mat in the studio. The same applies for meditation cushions. But if you need props like belts or blocks bring them with you. And we advise to bring a warm blanket with you for savasana or as an extra sitting prop.


Is YogaFest an indoor or outdoor event?
YogaFest is mainly an indoor event but some activities are outdoors. And as it is a park as well you can enjoy fresh air and sun as well.


Yoga – Machinegebouw and Westergastheater
Meditation – Present Plus Gallery
Wisdom – Ketelhuis
Shop / food lane – Pazzani straat (outdoor)
Sup yoga – outdoor


We do advise to bring next to your yoga outfit some warm clothes for in between classes to stay warm if needed and sunscreen for sunny weather.


What is the minimum age to visit YogaFest Amsterdam?
The minimum age to join YogaFest is 18 years old.


Are the classes in English or Dutch?
Classes are in English or a mix of Dutch and English to ensure all visitors can follow the workshops. There are a few Dutch only classes and these can be found on the timetables.


What are the opening times of the festival?
See the line-up for the exact timings.


Can I leave the festival in between workshops?
At the entrance you will get a festival bracelet that is non transferable but gives you the option to leave the terrain and re enter.


Can I bring a camera to the festival and photo/video rights?
Mobile with photo and film options and a small digital camera is allowed, semi and professional camera’s not unless you are press and you received a press accreditation.

Photo and video may be taken and all rights are reserved to YogaFest.


Can I bring my own food / drinks to the festival?
At YogaFest there will be enough options for food including vegetarian / vegan. So make it easy for yourself but if you want to bring your own that is fine.


Is alcohol served?
Wine and beer is available at the different restaurants nearby and we think you will in light of the yoga spirit drink with moderation. Drugs and soft drugs are not allowed.


How do I pay at the shopping / food lane?
At the shopping lane most shops will use pin only and some might accept cash payments as well. We leave this up to them.


Do I get a refund if I have a ticket and cannot come?
Tickets are not refunded but you can make a friend happy with your ticket.


How do I get to the festival terrain?
See location for directions and parking option.