Micheal James Wong



Micheal James Wong is a Los Angeles native who now calls London home, has had a deep and meaningful relationship with yoga and movement that spans over the past 15 years. Throughout this journey, Michael has been lucky enough to travel the world teaching and training with some of the worlds most inspiring teachers. Always a student first, Michael continues to practice and teach with a powerful body, an open mind and a fearless heart.

Now living in London, Michael teaches West Coast Power Yoga, a strong and dynamic union that joins the physical asana with the breath. These days, Michael aim’s to teach traditional yoga concepts with a modern day approach, whilst still offering space for all students to find their own balance and grounding both on and off the mat.

Website: http://www.michaeljameswong.com
Facebook: Michael James Wong Yoga
Instagram: @michaeljameswong

Workshop: How to Build a Bridge / A Back bending & Vinyasa Masterclass

To build a solid bridge, you must first have a strong foundation. Join Michael James Wong for a back bending masterclass that targets the five key areas of the body necessary to deepen, open and develop your spinal extensions. But wait there’s more, once the base is built, we’ll explore the different ways to move the body in bridges, wheels, drop backs & other back bending variations that open the heart flip your perspective. This is an open class for all levels.