Marlene Henny



Marlene Henny offers a unique vinyasa approach: Core Flow Yoga. Get a totally different perspective on your practice as you move your body through a dynamic, new and interesting vinyasa practice.

Her Core Flow classes offer a transitional practice with specific core movements, wave like core transitions, the deep core line by working from the inner body and specific core signature poses. These core vinyasa based sequences generate better alignment and stability, improves strength and flexibility and core awareness in an unique and powerful practice that will make you feel more aligned physically and mentally and cultivates a leaner and stronger, flexible body.

Marlene Henny is one of Holland’s leading vinyasa yoga teachers for 15 years now and is a certified and experienced, 500 hr. yoga/vinyasa. Her approach is creative, fun, genuine and from the heart. Six years ago she developed a new class called core flow and introduced in 2011 Core Strength Vinyasa yoga in the Netherlands, in which she holds a certificate.

Some times we sway like a tree does in the wind, but your feet stay rooted into the ground. This dance of freedom for your body to move and find its balance while you envision being rooted in the ground develops your spiritual acceptance of your body’s position in space. Trees are patient creatures.  They live a long time, and they know how to stand firm through all the changes of day and night, climate and season.

Workshop: The magnificence of the Tree of Souls

Trees, seeds, animals, insects, water, leaves are all part of the web of life. Everything is alive and conscious and interconnected. In this opening practice we embrace Earth’s natural treasures because signs are all around us in nature and in our own experiences: they are meant to be read and interpreted.

Using the power within us is the way of the sacred feminine. A greeting is an act of engagement with another. Open and active presence is conveyed by the words “I see you.” It is important to listen to the voices of the ancestors. Energy is pulsating in and through all forms of life.

Mother Earth doesn’t take sides; she protects only the balance of life. Healing is an act of the community calling upon us. Everyone needs to train in attunement to the spirit in nature. The world is a collaborative work in progress in which each individual in the tribe has something to contribute to the whole.

In this opening act, we invoke the energy running through us as we take our walk into the forest, drinking from the well, connecting with nature and all living things as we move towards and gather, supported by some deep tribal tunes at “The Tree of Souls”,

From a opening ritual, be ready for your walk through the forest, we move, we breath as we embrace earth treasures and we come together in the sacred circle where we allow ourselves to tune in deep and dance, dancing as we celebrate life. Its at the tree of Souls where we sit together, enjoying the rhythm of the music by DJ Paul.

Its the Tree of Souls what unites us.