Lennart Keijser



Lennart Keijser was drawn to yoga by the stillness and physical benefits and did remind him to his martial arts practice he did in his late teens. He initially discovered bikram yoga and went deep into his own intense daily practice, an international teacher training and started teaching bikram. Soon he moved further and when he met Anat Geiger and her yin classes and her yin teacher training it brought another level to his own yoga practice and found a beautiful balance to the yang practice of bikram.

Today Lennart is teaching yoga fulltime in the Netherlands and travels occasionally abroad to teach to in countries like Austria, Brazil, and Hawaii. At The Studio he teaches yin which reflects his calm, caring and gentle manner and he uses his yin classes to give people time to slow down, step away from chasing goals and practice to just be with what is; an acceptance of your self and everything around you.

And in our fast-paced, yang oriented society Lennart feels the need to give the benefits of the practice of yoga asana as a valuable combination of physical exercise, health maintenance, and mind calming concentration to all.

Workshop: Nourish the body, calm the mind

An experience of deep, slow postures.

Lennart guides you through a practice with long held passive stretches mainly aimed at hips, spine, and upper legs. The primary focus is on stressing specific target areas, not so much if your body fits the picture. That makes yin yoga accessible for any body type – beginner or advanced student.

Observe your experience. Feel your breath. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes not. From stillness you witness it all. There’s no need to claim, achieve, or chase anything. What a relief!