Felix Price



Felix is an inspirational yoga teacher who draws upon both ancient and modern practices of uniting the body, mind and spirit for health and wellbeing.  Following extensive studies with teachers across the globe Felix has designed classes to uplift and inspire students through a dynamic and balanced sequence of exercise and relaxation to develop health, vitality and self-awareness.

In recent years Felix’s path has taken on many new elements. To complement the spiritual arts of Yoga and Shamanism he has enjoyed incorporating weight training, calisthenics, and martial arts to his practice, which through exploration of the body have informed his Yoga practice greatly.

Workshop: UAMSA Avatar Yoga – Awakening the scorpion within

The session will take a look at and approach the handstand scorpion.  The scorpion will be the culmination of a whole range of preparatory postures, exercises and considerations; especially including backbending and arm balancing techniques. The ability to stand on your hands with your feet on your head isn’t the goal of yoga, but it’s a point along the path that can take determination and effort that aligns the chakras and ultimately humbles the ego.

Workshop: UAMSA Avatar Yoga – Spreading the feathers of the peacock.

This session will focus on the one-armed peacock lotus. The sequence will include hip-openers and core strength exercises, that will build up to balancing on one elbow with legs raised behind in lotus.  The Yogis impersonate and embody the proud demonstration of the peacock showing its beautiful coloured tail. This posture concentrates the effort through the solar plexus, the energy centre of will power and self-esteem. All beings are welcome, each stage will have variations, the intention will be for each person to find their own areas of resistance, and be supported to make evolutions. Challenge is guaranteed, so leave your ego at the door and be ready to sweat, have fun and flap your feathers. Many variations will be given for different body types and practice level