Boys of Yoga





The Boys of Yoga are the uncelebrated minority, a crew that believes in the strength and flexibility that yoga offers both on and off the mat. To us, yoga is a culture and a lifestyle, not just a practice. And similar to surf, skate and snow sport cultures, yoga creates a community of the like-minded. The deeper you go, the more it pulls you in. Once you move past the stereotype, it’s pretty simple:  yoga is good for everyone, the benefits are undeniable.

What started as a casual conversation about how guys are seen as the secondary citizens in the yoga scene, has turned into a movement to challenge the way we view yoga in the Western world today. Some guys think that yoga makes you less of a man, the truth is it makes you a better one.

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Workshop: Work Hard, Play Hard / A strong & fun Vinyasa Masterclass and closing party

Join BOYS OF YOGA for the closing class of the festival as we practice, play & party till the final savasana of the festival. A fun-filled last class that will make you move, sweat and have a good time till the very end. Lead by Michael James Wong and BOYS from all over the world, this final class will be a celebration of the entire festival weekend with a strong vinyasa that class taught by 3 of the BOYS. You’ll work hard on the mat, and then stay for the fun with class ending in a dance/rave/party for all to enjoy. Come for practice, stay for the party.