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Andreas Trussat is the founder of Andreas Trussat Yoga and yoga coach in the South of Amsterdam. He teaches transformational classes without walls and attitude to bring you to your true self within the tradition of Ashtanga Yoga and Yin Yoga. Lino Miele was his first teacher and Andreas continued to study with Shri K. Pattabhi Jois and Sharat Rangaswamy in Mysore (India), Sarah Powers (UK) and many more. Andreas invests in consciousness, designs an individual practice for his clients and integrates all senses. Personal and high quality defines Andreas Trussat. He taught workshops, events and retreats around the globe. His classes are a complete commitment to make everyone feel welcome and clearly captures the hearts of the audience. Renowned for his energy and humour, his enthusiasm is infectious, his passion motivating and his total love of teaching inspiring.

Andreas is also known for his controversial classes during the yogafestival YogaFest 2015 & 2016. For 2017 he will teach on Saturday “YIN the way IN” and on Sunday “Express Yourself”.


Workshop: YIN the way IN

Interested to relax, feel inspired by the foundations of mindfulness, stimulate your inner pathways, restore and de-stress?  This workshop is for anyone who is seeking to learn, to deepen awareness and benefit from the practice of Yin yoga. You will experience a variety of mainly seated postures. All the sequences are designed to draw focus in-ward, listen to your own experience and allow this to be a guide for your practice.

To be Yin is to be still and observant. It is less about doing, more about being, unwind and letting go. Enjoy a more meditative approach to balance emotionally, mentally, physically and cultivate awareness for inner silence. Postures are held three to five minutes, while the muscles are relaxed so that the connective tissue and fascia in the body is stimulated. Expand the mobility of joints and ligaments and feel stretched and strengthened. Stillness of the body leads to quieting of the breath.
A commitment to link the breath unforced towards a balanced sense of ease. The essence is acceptance and no matter what urges arise in the mind or sensations in the body, remain still. Inward-drawn attention teaches us how to heal and fully inhabit ourselves, developing an attitude of attentiveness and kindness within us. Learning how to live in a wholesome way and be a better friend to ourselves by a compassionate practice.

Energy goes where our attention goes, with music to remember and the taste of it is delicious.

Workshop: Express Yourself

Come on girls & boys
Do you believe in love
Cause I got something to say about it
And it goes something like this

Are you ready to dance?
This Celebration YogaDanceClass is designed for YogaFest 2017 and will let you leave with a big smile on your face.
Next to a greater vitality, life-presence, joy, passion and compassion with a guaranteed satisfied soul.
Tailored Vinyasa based, unexpected music, loads of fun-moves and the roof will go off.
Surprise, your yoga-heart will beat a little faster.
If you have missed the last two years, here comes your chance to make a difference!
To freedom & happiness, let’s dance.