Andréa Paige



Dr. Andréa Paige (ND, MSc, CHT, E-RYT 500): There is certainly a higher plan for this Loving, Truth-seeking, Shamanic Warrior. It’s as if Andréa’s yoga trajectory was lain out before her. I n front of the right teachers at exactly the right time, Andréa was put on a path of renegade safety and depth of practice. She’s studied with and taught alongside some of the modern yoga world’s great rebels (Simon-Borg Olivier, Dr. Ray Long, Glenn Black, etc.), all of whom came back from India in the 60s thinking they “knew” something. They taught her the lessons they wish they knew when they were young. Now she’s here to teach you. Going deeper into the mechanics,: the how-to of asanas and subtle depth of kriya, pranayam, meditation and advanced energy techniques . Andréa specializes in engaging with the physiological benefits of the advanced yogic practices. She has been sent to remind you: you can heal yourself. A robust educational foundation gives Andréa a unique perspective in the healing world. Advanced studies in: Nutrition, Evolutionary Anthropology, Ethnobotany, Iridology, Colon Hydrotherapy and Yoga Therapy have culminated in a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. Her most well known work is guiding transformative fasting retreats worldwide. Though, just as important to her, Andréa spends part of the year leading yoga teacher trainings. She also teaches Anatomy, Physiology & Health on Training programs spanning five continents. Andréa serves on the Board of Directors for Festival Medical (USA, non-profit) and is a founding member of the Micro-biome Think Tank. Having recently left her position as the Director of Detox Department at the Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, Andréa has made Amsterdam a new home base!

Fasting: The Fastest Way to Heal

Andréa’s trademark lecture continues to inspire thousands… We’ve forgotten that the most potent medicine, the most powerful healer and the quickest route to health is simply allowing the body to repair itself.

Our deep disconnection from this body and its messages has left us curled up in the corner of the pharmacy, in confusion amongst the marketing massacre.

Though it is indeed our greatest wealth, our health is not a commodity. This one lecture could change the course of your life – and your health – forever. Don’t miss a chance to re-think what we think we know about human possibility and potential.

You are more powerful than you’ve ever been led to believe. Tap back in. Your body’s waiting to show you its potential.
Come learn about why, where, when and how to fast properly on your own.

Practical tips and safety protocols. This information is meant for your own empowerment!