Sjoerd Dragtsma


In 2014, it were the shamanic Amazone traditions that brought Sjoerd back to the path of yoga. After flirting with yoga in his twenties, this time he was naturally and unavoidable drawn into the yogic fire.


The sacred Amazone ceremony’s gave Sjoerd many glimpses about what means to be a human being, to live with other beings and how we are keeping ourselves in small and ‘secure’. Answers and insights came when he started his 550 hr Delight Teacher Training with Katiza Satya Ivulic and Keven Sahaj in 2016. Under their guidance the real peeling of the layers of conditioning started. More trainings, self-discovery retreats, Vipassana and Baghavad Gita study groups were a result of this deep urge of wanting to know the Truth of what we are. The process of Self-realization is one of faith, devotion and detachment and he feels a deep gratitude for his teachers guiding him on this great discovery.


Sjoerd’s classes are influenced by his parallel shamanic path and have a meditative and healing aspect. He likes to strip away any goals and expectations and invites you to just simply Be. Giving space to whatever arises and see things for what they truly are.


He likes to use instruments during his classes as sound is a true ‘soulmover’ for him.


In short period of time his life was all about finding out who or what w


Pealing of the layers of conditioning