Mindfulness & Yin Immersion


Learn to be present where you are with this 4-week meditation and yin immersion. You are guided in the process to move and to feel and connect with your breath, body sensations, feelings, emotions and thoughts. By enquiring, reflecting, moving and embracing you learn to accept what is and let go of what doesn’t serve you to transform to become more alive, radiant and real.



Karianne Kraaijestein


Week 1: The Power of Breath

–       understanding mindful presence

–       awakening the body

–       learning to stay present


Week 2: The Challenge of Self Compassion

–       recognizing and naming your emotions

–       free your mind

–       rain


Week 3: The Art of Loving Kindness

–       loving your life

–       cultivate kindness

–       training in forgiveness


Week 4: The Gift of Quiet

–       deepening the way

–       you are not alone

–       establish a practice




  • becoming more flexible
  • less anxiety and stress hormones
  • more creativity and focus
  • more calm and inner stillness
  • enhanced sense of well- being
  • better connection to others and the world
  • less need for alcohol and other narcotics


Sunday September 22: 15.30 – 17.30
Sunday September 29: 15.30 – 17.30
Sunday October 6: 16.00 – 18.00
Sunday October 13: 15.30 -17.30



Studio Zoed / Wilhelminapark Haarlem, www.zoedwilhelminapark.nl


Introduction fee €185,- incl. vat
To sign up mail: contact@yogafestinternational.com