Liselotte Betist


As Burn-out Specialist, Senior Coach, EMDR Therapist, Spinning and Aerobics Instructor and Yogini Liselotte has a wide range of interests in sustainable energy management, stress resilience, best productivity practices, personal and physical development and mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.


With a background in Advertising and working for 12 years as Executive Assistant to the Supervisory Board for STMicroelectronics alongside Top Executives and Board Members she experienced first hand what it is like to perform at an executive level under high pressure.
She uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), the Breath, EMDR (trauma therapy), Spinning, Running and Yoga as her tools.


Having personal experience with Burn-out and Stress and working under high pressure at an executive level, Liselotte is an all round professional when it comes to prevention and recovery from burn-out and stress. Physical Fitness and interaction with nature is an integral part of her recovery program to sustainable working and living.


Liselotte specializes in trauma and uses burn-out as a portal and accelerator to Purpose and Personal Growth.