Kira Heimeriks


Kira has always loved movement and started out at a young age with Martial Arts and cycling. Later she took years of training in Pilates before she got to focus on Vinyasa Yoga. She feels that these foundations have shaped her way of moving and she takes that with her into her yoga practice. Kira feels her classes should be accessible and mindful, yet strong and powerful. They leave you feeling grounded and energized.


She studied with Leslie Kaminoff, founder of ‘The Breathing Project’ NYC and Simon Park. (Liquid Flow Yoga) At the moment Kira gets a lot of inspiration from teachers like Jason Crandell, liking his precision and down to earth approach towards Yoga. Kira comes from a creative background as she studied lithography at Minerva Art Academy, in Groningen. Her style of yoga is strong and fluent yet deep and precise. Don’t be surprised if she tosses in some animalistic movement.