Karlijn Visser


Karlijn was drawn to life questions from a young age but could not integrate that into her daily life. Work at that time was fun and exciting but not fulfilling and she felt something was missing. When she found yoga 4 years ago she fell in love immediately with both the physical and the philosophy and it deeply resonated with her. Yoga helped her to transform of fear and trust life: she dared to let go of the old. It gave her the courage to follow her heart and co-founded Holistik, an online magazine about well-being and doing.


The first yoga classes planted the seeds in her pursuing the yoga path and to do a vinyasa teacher training. She wants to spread the effects of yoga on the body and mind and creates in class a warm and loving environment where you will sweat and let go. Yoga is a mirror of life, as what happens on the yoga mat is a reflection of the life of the mat. This is what makes yoga so fascinating for Karlijn.