Hellen Drooger


In my life massage and healing have always played an important role. During my career path in the electronic music, I came in touch with Shiatsu. I immediately fell in love with this beautiful and ancient practice and made me want to share this with others. Shiatsu for me is a powerful way of awakening your own healing energies and help the free flow of life energy in the body creating harmony and flexibility between the body and mind and its environment.


I continued my journey in Shiatsu and started studying at the IOKAI shiatsu Academy in Amsterdam. This is where I received my 4 year practical training from the great teacher Kazunori Sasaki I received my shiatsu therapy degree and I got my license at the Qing Bai Academy for Chinese Medicine. I have also specialized in several Japanese treatment methods like Japanese acupuncture, moxibustion and Do-In yoga.


Just like shiatsu and acupuncture I love to share my love for YinYoga and Do-In Yoga in a fun and respectful way. To create a space whereby people find their own stillness and allow themselves to really listen what body and mind are revealing.