Deborah Hoeks


“Yoga is a massage from the inside out. Observing limitations & resistances..being open to possibilities of your unique potential!” In my classes- private or in groups- I love to work with hands-on-adjustments to notify the bodily senses that there is a space to work towards.”


Deborah is a mom of 2 boys, entrepreneur, yoga teacher and massage therapist. She loves to share her passion for yoga. Sports injuries in her youth -by little body awareness -brought her to her first yoga class. She is certified teacher in several yoga styles; like soft yin or dynamic Ashtanga yoga. In the summertime you can find her on a Stand Up Paddle board teaching yoga. With this love for playing outdoors and yoga, she decided to connect yoga lovers and teachers in nature by building a community Buiten-Yoga.


In the classes of Deborah she will help you to connect with yourself and your possibilities. To feel and listen to your bodily senses, safely without over-crossing your own limitations, working with your breath as a guide through asanas. So the practice becomes more and more a meditation and a massage from the inside out! Deborah loves to guide as individual as possible with a lot of verbal and manual adjustments to create space in body and mind.


Her massages are tailor made on what is required in that present moment. This could be a combination or single work on; relaxation, deep tissue, fascia release or with use of shiatsu- and trigger points.