Deborah Hoeks


“Connecting to our body is the only way to discover our true Being. The only way out is by going in! The body needs to be open, fluid and spacious to be able to connect with yourself. Our mind is often full of jumping thoughts which separates us from our pure Self. Recognising this and working on the physical body is the gateway to dive inside and build awareness.


Focusing our attention in a yoga practise or other bodywork will start to shift your awareness and become present in your body. Starting to feel the fluidity and continuous movement within and around you, surfing the waves of your breath and life!”


Deborah is a mom of 2 boys, entrepreneur, yoga teacher and massage therapist. Her company Yoga Hands is about sharing the gift of Yoga and Bodywork. She is a 500+RYT certified teacher in several yoga styles. Her daily practise of Ashtanga yoga supports her to ride the waves of life and stay connected.


In her classes she creates a safe space to connect with yourself and your possibilities. To feel and listen to your bodily senses, safely without over-crossing your own limitations, working with your breath as a guide through asanas in a meditative way to massage from the inside out!


Her massages are tailor made on what is required in that present moment. Working with emptiness and presence in her Alchemy of Touch sessions: Joint release, Deep tissue, Thai Yoga stretches, Rebalancing, Traeger (shaking), Fluid Touch, (Mio-)fascia release and Visceral work (belly).


“Massage is working from the outside to experience and connect to your body and inner world. Yoga is a massage from the inside out. Being open to experience the possibilities of your unique potential!.”