Chris Hettinga


Chris Hettinga studied Sports & Movement, Lifestyle & Health’. On top of that he followed a Personal Training program and did a 200 hour yoga teacher training. He is fascinated by movement and the innovative approaches that it offers to use it in your daily life. To keep improving and developing himself during the years, he attended several workshops and courses from amongst others Ido Portal, Fighting Monkey and Jon Yuen, well known innovators in the movement industry.


He developed his own method and applies his diverse knowledge to gives his clients what he thinks they need. The mobility classes encompass a style which seeks to aim moving around without pain, playing around like you used to when you were a kid and moving from different perspectives. Feel good in your own body and focus on how the human body is built and meant to move are core values of Chris’ philosophy. And his yoga classes feature a dynamic style and for YogaFest he teaches HiiT Yoga.