Terms and conditions YogaFest International B.V.


Article 1 : Accessibility and definitions
1.1 These terms apply to all agreements regarding to YogaFest International and everyone who is using or wishes to use the services offered by YogaFest.
1.2 With the YogaFest is meant YogaFest International B.V.
1.3 With the Participant is meant anyone who uses or wishes to use the products, services and facilities offered by YogaFest.
1.4 With the subscription is meant: the agreement regarding YogaFest with the Participant, which gives the Participant the right to use the products, services and facilities offered by the club and obliges him or her to pay fees to YogaFest


Article 2 : Subscription length
2.1 1 credit valid 4 weeks, 3 credits valid 6 weeks and is personal and non transferrable.
2.2 Personal trainings are prebooked and paid and valid for a specific date.
2.3 YogaFest may deny access to any member without notice and with immediate effect and no refund without having to give any reason.


Article 3 : Cancelation
3.1 The Participant is not entitled to transfer class passes to other persons.
3.2 The class passes are automatically are valid 14 days to 3 months depending on the type of credits bought.
3.3 Participation of group classes are based on pre bookings and cancellation or changing date is possible up till 8 hours before the start of the class. In case the Participant fails to do this a class credit will be charged.
3.4. The YogaFest member / participant that has made an appointment for a session may cancel or change the time of the session provided that a minimum of 24-hours’ notice is given. Members will be charged for the full cost of the session on any late cancellations or no-show appointments.
3.5 No refund is applicable for workshops, trainings, events, retreatst, conferences cancellations.
3.6. In case of force majeure or illness of the teacher / coach YogaFest can cancel the class and the class credit can be used for another class. In case of a workshop/ day training the fee will be reimbursed with a deduction of € 150,- administration costs unless stated differently in the condition of the specific event.


Article 4 : Price & price changes
4.1 Eventual price increases will be made public by the YogaFest 4 weeks in advance.
4.2. No rights can be derived before and afterwards from actions and/or special offers.


Article 5 : Rates and payment
5.1 Invoice payments of trainings and the likes have to take place through the method stated by the club within 10 working days after the invoice date.
5.2 Payments through direct debit will be debited from the by the customer said account number between the last week of the month and the first week of the next month. The Participant has to make sure there is enough credit so that the collection can go through.
5.3 Deviate from this term is only possible through a written agreement. 6.4 In case of failing to perform the payment within the stated terms of payment, the opposite party is, without further notice of default, in default.
5.5 After the expiry of the terms of payment YogaFest is authorized, without any further (written) notice of default or notification, to take extrajudicial collection measures. The club is authorized to recollect the costs of this measure from the customer: the extrajudicial costs will be set on fifteen percent (15%) of the amount due, unless the costs are higher.
5.6 After the expiry of the terms of payment YogaFest is authorized, without any further (written) notice of default or notification, to take extrajudicial legal remedies; YogaFest is authorized to recollect the costs of these measures integrally, thus in deviation of any flat-rate process reimbursement arrangements, from the customer.


Article 6 : Dress code
6.1 In the room it is obliged to wear appropriate and clean apparel / socks and have clean feet
6.2 Wearing outside shoes is not allowed.
6.3 The management reserves the right to address the members for this.


Article 7 : Lost items
7.1 YogaFest is not liable for any loss, damage or theft of any property brought onto any of our premises. The Participant must either secure their personal belongings on their person or leave them at home.


Article 8 : Order
8.1 You are obliged to obey to the regulations and instructions regarding the order and discipline stated by YogaFest. When you are in violation, YogaFest is authorized to deny you the entrance to the premise and to terminate the subscription immediately, without giving you the right to refund.


Article 9 : Personal details
9.1 YogaFest processes the personal details of the Participant in behalf of a proper conduct of business, which includes maintaining a correct member administration. YogaFest can inform the Participant through e- mail with regard to its activities. In case that the Participant does not want to receive any of this, he or she has the right to appeal against this through a written announcement.
9.2 The personal details will be recorded in a database in the computer, in which all the members are recorded. YogaFest and its employees will handle the provided details confidentially. The personal details will not be stored longer than necessary in behalf of the mentioned goal.
9.3 The Participant has the right to request for inspection of his or her personal details and for improvement, replenishment or change of these details, which will be approved in case this is fairly acceptable.
9.4 With regard to all personal, physical and medical details YogaFest receives, the Registration of Persons Act is applicable.
9.5 Photo and video may be taken and all rights are reserved to YogaFest.


Article 10 : Safety and liability
10.1The use of the facilities of YogaFest happens at own risk. YogaFest nor their partners are not liable for robbery, loss or accidents in and around the premises.
10.2 The Participant warrants and represents that he/she is in good physical condition and that he/she is capable of engaging in food & supplementation programs and active or passive exercise and that such programs and exercise would not be detrimental to his/her health, safety, comfort or physical condition. If his/her physical condition changes this must be relayed to the manager/teacher.


Article 11 : Smoking ban
11.1 Inside any of the YogaFest or partner premises smoking is prohibited.


Article 12 : Comply with the agreement
12.1 The subscription owner declares the signature of the membership agreement and complies with the by YogaFest stated regulations, and follow the instructions.


Article 13 : Other prescriptions
13.1 In case of retreats, conference, trainings and special events the regulations that are stated for those specific events apply override the above. And in all situations in which the regulations above do not foresee, exclusively the management of YogaFest will judge and decide.