Art of Stillness is your online channel on Patreon to build a steady practice to live fully by cultivating stillness wherever you are in your life or at whatever place you live or work. New meditations are released regularly to learn to be present where you are right now. You are guided to connect with your breath, body, sensations, feelings, emotions and thoughts.


By enquiring, reflecting and embracing you learn to accept what is and to reduce the noise and chatter of your mind. You will see more clearly and find appropriate and wise ways to act and react. To let go of what doesn’t serve you to transform to become more alive, radiant and real. As an extra I will ad a poem as I love poems and feel they are a great gateway to our hearts, beauty and some magic.


You can join this community by becoming a member and along the way this gives you access to much more material to cultivate stillness.  Train your mind, your body and tender your heart.


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