Adam is a London based teacher, teaching alignment based vinyasa and Budokon yoga in some of London’s top studios and internationally with the Boys of Yoga Crew. With many years of practice on his travelling yoga mat, and with experience; in the boxing ring, on the ultra-marathon road, in martial arts dojos, on trekking paths and lifting heavy objects in the gym, Adam certainly brings a unique perspective to yoga practice . Bringing his fusion of styles, energy and anatomical knowledge to class, Adam delivers a deep, controlled, strengthening and creative flow, hoping to leave students with increased knowledge, lightness of mind and a sweaty mat.



Yoga came into Astrid’s life in 2010 when she lived in India. This aspiring yogini with a legal background got introduced to the beauty of the practice at the Yoga Institute in Mumbai and it stuck with her ever since. At the end of her stay in 2012 she got hooked on the dynamism of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, but soon the other ‘prizes’ revealed themselves: with a sense of calm being the biggest reward. Her daily practice helps her keep healthy, confident and more balanced off the mat. In March 2015 she returned to India and practiced with Sharath Jois, the grandson of late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, the birthplace of Ashtanga, and is hoping to return soon. As she continues to practice, grow and learn more about yoga in her current hometown Oslo, she loves to share what she already knows with Ashtanga enthusiasts alike in her spare time.



Born in Romania, Brasov, Andreea joined the art school at the age of 9 where she also made her A-level in graphic arts. She then moved to Germany at the age of 19 working as a computer animator.After a couple of years she started studying fashion and graphic design in Munich, followed by one year of fashion cutting and design. She then opened a fashion label & shop together with a good friend and ex school colleague, where they designed their own fashion line and also worked for different companies and projects in Germany and Austria – in one of the companies being responsible of a Fashion line with two collections a year. After 3 successful years she then decided to take a break from the fashion world and started working as sales and marketing for a big restaurant group, where she managed to develop her skills in graphic design & advertising and after a while taking over the general manager position for the venue. Andreea discovered Yoga through a good friend and colleague and found in it the perfect way to relax from the daily stress and find her inner power again. For the moment she is searching for new experiences and her true passion and is about to start a new life chapter.



Carolina is leading her yoga classes with a lot of empathy and always tries to meet the needs of her students. Through relaxation, philosophy, humor and music she creates a diverse practice which differs from class to class. Carolina takes her students – beginners as well as advanced – step by step to their next level; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
After meeting many yoga masters, gurus, journeys across the globe and educations, she completed her 2 year yoga teacher training BYV/EFYTA in 2003. After that she successfully mastered another yoga teacher training with the diploma EYA/IYF. At the moment she is attending a further education as a life adviser and coach.
For Carolina yoga is a way of life which she follows every day. Yoga means to live in the now, to move, to think positive, to be able to let go and to connect with your inner spirit.



Carrie discovered yoga in the mid-90s and never looked back. The practice catalyzed personal growth both on and off the mat, changing her in ways she could never have predicted through several seismic career shifts and relocations to Brooklyn, Bali and now Berlin.  Since becoming a yoga teacher in 2008, she shares yoga as a tool for stripping away layers of baggage and societal conditioning so that anyone can discover their own unique potential for self expression, happiness and compassion.

A former music industry publicist, music is still a passion and she often enhances her classes with an eclectic soundtrack ranging from ambient electronica to Hindu chants to indie rock. She loves exploring Berlin by day and by night and sharing her favorite places with you.



Teacher, artist and author, Erica Jago co-created and designed a groundbreaking yoga workbook with Elena Brower, titled Art of Attention. Ranked #1 for book design on Amazon, the book has now been translated into 5 languages. Erica studied in San Francisco with master vinyasa teachers since 2004, and traveled to Rishikesh, India in 2011 to become certified in Kundalini with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. Erica is well-known in her local classes in Hawaii and on her global retreats for incorporating design concepts into artful and spiritual class experiences. Known for her simple, symbolic line art illustrations called Asanaglyphs, Erica teaches us how to master a profound love in our attitudes, our emotional experiences and our relationships to our bodies. This contemporary approach to yoga was featured at the Asian Art Museum’s Art of Transformation Exhibit in San Francisco.

A former music industry publicist, music is still a passion and she often enhances her classes with an eclectic soundtrack ranging from ambient electronica to Hindu chants to indie rock. She loves exploring Berlin by day and by night and sharing her favorite places with you.



Hanne is a Copenhagen based teacher who is completely in love with yoga. She did her teacher training in 2012 at Sivananda ashram in the Himalays. After that she did an Anusare Immersion with Bridget Kramer Woods at Triyoga in London and then she did a 100-hour teacher training with Tara Judelle in Bali. For Hanne yoga is a way to get into her inner core, connect with her deeper self and her heart. Over the years she’s met lovely yoga fellows from allover the world on her many travels and she’s truly happy to share her life experience and yoga practice with all these wonderfull people.

Iana Velez


Over the last 15 years, Iana Velez has worked internationally as an Art Director in Los Angeles, Sydney, and New York in television, film and print.  She currently works as Editor in Chief and Art Director for NY Yoga + Life Magazine, NY’s first print and digital regional wellness magazine.  Her work with NY Yoga + Life Magazine is a dream come true, allowing her to combine all her favorite things in life: yoga, creativity and her hometown of NYC.



She is raised in NY and when she came back to Japan as a teenager she found it hard to adapt to the cultural difference. Constantly thinking and acting as how she ‘should be’, studying and teaching yoga helps her to become honest and confident in who she is, in her words and in her actions. She makes time to travel at least twice a year to meet new people and yoga styles that exist in this world today. She is currently teaching yoga and working for several international companies in Japan.



Karianne is the creator / founder of YogaFest and loves to combine her passion for yoga, traveling, philosophy and art. Her incredible curiosity in life and people makes her reach out for new adventures whilst being present and grateful for what is. Having a pr / communications agency in Amsterdam she knows what is happening in the scene but being a yogi by heart (teacher training Delight Yoga and trainings of international astanga teachers) she stays grounded and combines the best of both worlds. Whether that is in Amsterdam or any other place in the world.



Lucia Corvelli is an Odaka Yoga Teacher from New York City and yoga has been part of her life for over twenty years. She has explored many yoga traditions all over the world and found the one that really spoke to her is Odaka Yoga. Her classes are filled with fluid movements as per the Odaka Yoga tradition and Lucia’s training as a ballet dancer. Guided by the Odaka Yoga mantra: “Liquify your limits and flow with me”, she brings a relaxed practical aspect to the art of flow by encouraging her students to grow from their current state and approach the practice as a sacred time to tune in, listen and let the mind – body connection transform students so that they may feel their authentic selves come through, if even for one hour out of the busy day. Lucia is currently located in Rome, Italy and holds classes at the Odaka Yoga studio of the eternal city.



Olga lives in Munich since 9 years and likes the city lifestyle. She works in a Facility Management office and to be in balance she practices and teaches yoga. She teaches in different yogastudios in Munich. Her classes are dynamic with Prana Flow elements from Shiva Rea. The philosophy part and meditation is very important to her.

If she’s not in a yoga studio or in the office you can meet her all over the world. She loves to travel and to see other cultures. These keep her openminded. She doesn’t like too strong dogmas and too tight insights. Therefore you can´t put her in one box.



Sandra is passionate yoga teacher and a holistic therapist. She discovered yoga at the age of 5 with her aunt in order to balance her other sport activities. After beginning a carreer as a computer sciences engineer she quickly realize she was walking away from her values and profound intention. So she decided to quit her job and embark in an incredible journey of travels and training all over the world.

After a first 200hrs Hatha Yoga teacher training in India, khajuraho, she went to Thailand for a 500hrs advanced ashtanga training with Michel Besnard, who was a direct student of B.K.S Iyengar and Sri K. Patthabi Jois. Along the way she had the opportunity to study with many international yoga teachers and had the immense privilege to spend 3 months in Hawaii on the Big Island to study and practice with Norman Allen, one of the biggest Ashtanga master still alive. During her travels she also took some trainings in Thai massage, energetic healing, and hypnosis. Today her teaching is a blend of all her inspiration. It can be from a challenging vinyasa with handstands & arm balances to a restorative & therapeutic practice. She loves to take her students in retreats so she can share the many facets of living a healthy & happy lifestyle with yoga.