Sharmila Desai


Workshop: Mapping the Divine Energy


We will explore the roots of inner forms, the subtle expression of movement and inner alignment, from which Self knowledge is born. In Ashtanga yoga we harness the art and science of tristhāna evoking a depth of balance, grace and steadiness. We will focus our attention to the threads of Breath, Vinyasa, Drishti and Mudra, which when aligned intelligently unifies the body, mind and consciousness. Cultivating these key threads as a map to guide us towards a divine energy nurtures us towards a deeper relationship in our practice of yoga on and off the mat.


Workshop: Wisdom of Therapeutic Yoga


Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional discipline of a lifetime or many lifetimes. Learn the therapeutic art and science behind the Primary series also known as Chikitsa Vibhaga and how the spiritual practice can purify the body mind and spirit for longevity. We will also explore how to approach the practice holistically in times of ailments, facing difficulties and different stages in life so that the process of union towards freedom and happiness continues.




Sharmila Desai was first introduced to Ashtanga yoga by Shri K. Pattabhi Jois and R. Sharath Jois when she visited Mysore in 1997. She is one of few worldwide to be Certified by KPJAYI to teach the Ashtanga yoga system and is the co author of Yoga Sadhana for Mothers. Believing in the importance of Seva as part of spiritual practice, Sharmila has also taught yoga therapy workshops internationally and runs a community garden at her children’s school. Sharmila continues to make regular pilgrimages to study in Mysore cherishing her time to be a student and to go deeper into the ocean that is yoga. She most enjoys sharing the practice in the way it was imparted to her over the years within a healing transformative environment.