Gretchen Suarez


Workshop: Cultivating the Path Towards Self Actualization


For yoga practitioners who are interested in exploring the internal aspects of the practice, Gretchen’s afternoon session will facilitate an exploration of the mental health benefits that can be cultivated in your practice. You will learn to identify reactivity and understand why these unconscious patterns keep coming up and make us feel stuck. Gretchen will share concentration and mediation techniques that will help you uncover and nurture well-being. These tools can help you develop an awareness practice that starts on your mat and continues 24 hours a day!




In her “previous” life, Gretchen was a marketing consultant at a large prestigious company. She had a great position with the salary to match but at the end of the day she realized this path was not for her. After climbing the corporate ladder successfully got 10 years she jumped off and dedicated her life to learning about the mysteries of the psyche.


Although it was the most irrational decision she had ever made in her life, it was a decision born from her heart. She left the corporate world and devoted her life to learning the science of yoga and psychology. She traveled to Mysore, India and had the honor to study Ashtanga Yoga with Sri K Pattabis Jois (Guruji). She is one of the few teachers worldwide that received Authorization to teach this method by Guruji and Sharath back in 2005. Gretchen has been teaching yoga for over 17 years and has dedicated her life to helping people develop positive coping skills, increase self awareness and overall well-being.


Gretchen is a licensed Psychotherapist. She offers a unique blend of eastern and western therapeutic techniques to help clients heal, transform and live a meaningful life. Her unique life experience influences her teaching style, emphasizing the mental, emotional and spiritual elements of the yoga practice.